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Dispersant Antifoulants

Dispersant Antifoulants

Organic compounds, including asphaltenes, can cause severe fouling problems in crude unit operations as crude oil is processed into valuable products for road fuels, aviation fuels and chemical feedstock. As refiners look to improve operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies, they may process as many as twenty-five different crudes in a year to meet market demands.

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Fouling of heat transfer surfaces, including crude hot preheat exchangers, as well as furnaces and coker heat transfer equipment can cause increased maintenance costs for cleaning equipment, and in severe cases unscheduled shutdown resulting in lost opportunity due to crude throughput loss.


Nelson Brothers manufactures a range of surfactant based dispersants that can be used in your antifoulant formulations. We can customize the size of the PIBSA molecule to meet your requirements and derivatize the PIBSA for specific applications such as asphaltene deposition or general organic deposition in crude unit hot preheat trains. Dispersants for other fouling problems in other processes heat transfer equipment are also available.

Dispersant Antifoulants

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