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Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitors & Prevention for Gas Pipelines

Oil and gas field pipelines typically fall into two categories, transportation of untreated well head fluid, and the transportation of treated crude and gas. Failure of these pipelines due to corrosion can hamper the operations of an entire oil and gas asset because nothing can be transported. This can result in increased costs, reduced efficiencies, and lost opportunity.


Chemical treatment is the main solution for many internal pipeline corrosion problems. Corrosion inhibitors can be tailored to address internal corrosion environments including fluid phases, operating conditions, expected flow rates, and product chemical variations. Corrosion monitoring should be implemented for getting real-time, continuous, and periodic data to better understand if corrosion is taking place.

Nelson Brothers provides surfactant chemistry to reduce the impact of corrosion. We provide film forming chemistries to create a protective hydrophobic film on the metal surface to keep the acidic water formed in the pipeline isolated from the metal surface.

Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitors

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