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Specialty Chemical Applications

The right chemical inputs are essential for the current and long-term success of any sustainable chemicals business. Our intention is to offer a world-class facility designed for batch customization and varying product scale supported by a highly trained technical team available to pinpoint custom solutions for our customers.

Specialty Chemical Applications

The Nelson Brothers Specialty Chemicals Business provides products for use in a wide variety of industries and applications, including engine oil dispersants, automotive & driveline dispersants, metalworking fluid components, oil & gas chemicals, and specialty emulsifiers for emulsion explosives. As a specialty chemical additive supplier, Nelson Brothers is uniquely positioned as a scale manufacturer of its own in-house intermediate which allows for significant control and cost savings for delivering value-adding product customizations throughout each of the business segments of which it participates.  

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The polyisobutylene succinimide (PIBSI) range of dispersants at Nelson Brothers is our primary product offering for the engine oil additive market. These dispersants are used at various treat rates within the additive package to keep engines and parts clean and free from soot, sludge and varnish. As a consequence of our industry experience as a specialty chemical additive supplier and the flexible design of our purpose-built reactors we are able to offer our customers the capability to produce tailored products which meet all of their required performance specifications, for example, nitrogen content, total base number (TBN) and viscosity.

Auto/Industrial Driveline

Our range of driveline dispersants work within an additive packaged to help optimize and protect transmissions in automotive and industrial driveline applications. Nelson Brothers produces a number of driveline dispersants which range in nitrogen content from 2% to 5%. In addition to these industry-standard product offerings, Nelson Brothers is well-positioned to quickly respond to our customers’  desires for application-specific enhancements by custom designing and manufacturing driveline dispersants to achieve value-adding target performance specifications.

Metal Working Fluids

Metalworking fluids are complex products due to their need to carry out multiple, often competing functions during application. Some of the key functions that metalworking fluids need to deliver include, cooling, corrosion protection, provision of lubricity and removal of metal parts.

Nelson Brothers is very well positioned to provide PIBSA (polyisobutylene succinic anhydride) and PIBSA based derivatives for utilization as emulsifiers in the most common soluble oil and semi synthetic fluid formulation.

Oil & Gas

For Oil and Gas applications the Nelson Brothers product portfolio includes many different components that have a range of applicability within the industry. Our offering includes products that provide the following functions, dispersants, emulsifiers, de-emulsifiers, flow assurance aids, cleaning and anti-fouling. Nelson Brothers has the knowledge, chemistry base and flexible manufacturing capability to offer unique solutions to this market.

Emulsifiers for Explosives

Over the years Nelson Brothers has developed an extensive portfolio of emulsifiers for use in the production of emulsion explosives.

Due to its extensive experience in the manufacture and application of emulsion explosives, Nelson Brothers has developed an in depth understanding of the many challenges that our customers face in their day to day operations and more importantly is able to offer demonstrated solutions to address these challenges. This has provided the Company with a unique insight and competitive advantage.

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