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Lubricant & Engine Oil Additive Components

A wide range of other chemistries are available.

Engine Oil Additive Components

For engine oil additives, Nelson Brothers has the capability to provide products based on both amide and ester chemistries that are commonly applied as friction modifiers. These materials are all surface-active possessing both a polar group and a hydrophobic tail and act by forming lubricant films via adsorption on surfaces. Engine oil additive components like friction modifiers are typically added to engine oils, gear oils and automatic transmission fluids to control friction.

Additionally, corrosion inhibitors in the form of diacids are also available upon request. Corrosion inhibitors act by forming surface films which prevent the removal of metal from the metal surface, which in severe cases can result in failure of the part. These additives minimize corrosion that can occur in pumps, injectors, lines and tanks.

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engine oil additive components

PIBSI Based Dispersants

Nelson Brothers also produces polyisobutylene succinimide (PIBSI) based dispersants that are used in engine oil formulations. These additives keep engines clean by dispersing harmful debris generated during operation that can thicken oil, cause wear and plug the filter. We offer a range of dispersants with industry typical levels of nitrogen, however if you need a customized product then we will work with you to develop the product that meets your exact requirements.

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