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Metalworking Fluid Chemicals

Emulsifiers for Metalworking Fluids

In the metalworking industry, emulsifiable oils and semi-synthetic fluids contain emulsifiers. These emulsifiers are surface active agents that are required to facilitate ease of formation and then stabilization of the desired emulsion.

Emulsifiers for metalworking fluids act by reducing the interfacial tension between the aqueous and oil phases of the fluid which when adequately mixed will result in the formation of an emulsion. The chemical structure of these emulsifiers is such that they contain functional groups that are compatible with both the aqueous and oil-based phases of a metalworking fluid.

Nelson Brothers is in the position to provide a range of products that can be used to achieve the emulsification requirements for the most common emulsifiable oil and semi-synthetic metalworking fluid formulations.

Contact us today to learn more about our emulsifiers for metalworking fluids and other services. Nelson Brothers Specialty Chemicals offers laboratory size samples of products to prospective customers free of charge.

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Broad Range Of Emulsifiers

We have developed extensive experience in the formulation and manufacture of emulsifiers which are based on polyisobutylene (PIBSA) chemistry. These emulsifiers can be produced from a variety of different molecular weights of polyisobutylene (PIB) which are then reacted with other chemicals such as alkanolamines, glycols, alcohols etc. to produce emulsifiers to meet your specific formulation requirements.

These products can be delivered in the form of PIBSA concentrates or as blends. These blends can be diluted with a paraffinic or naphthenic oil, depending on your requirement. These PIBSA products can be used as supplied, depending on the application, or neutralized with, for example, potassium hydroxide, an alcohol, a glycol or an amine to provide additional functionality prior to application.

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