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Metalworking Fluid Additives for Industrial Lubricants

Metalworking Fluid Additives

Without modern metalworking, everything from consumer products to heavy equipment would look different, take longer to make, and cost more. These processes utilize advanced tooling to transform metal workpieces into detailed shapes quickly, but excessive degradation is an undesirable outcome. 

  • Nelson Brothers Specialty Chemicals specializes in developing standard and custom emulsifiers for the most common soluble oil and semi-synthetic metalworking fluid formulations. 

Why Does Metalworking Lubrication Matter?

Metalworking is a process that creates parts, assemblies, and structures from raw materials using hard tooling. Common methods include milling, turning, threading, grinding, stamping, forming, bending, casting, and rolling.  

Many issues can develop when tooling and workpiece surfaces come into direct contact without proper lubrication. Examples include:  


  • Scoring
  • Cracking
  • Wear
  • Warping
  • Unwanted Heating


Unmitigated friction can result in increased energy consumption and tool wear. It can also generate internal and surface defects on workpieces, leading to rework or scrap. 

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How To Overcome Metalworking Friction 

Metalworking fluids are used to overcome friction through lubrication. There are many additional benefits of these fluids. 


  • Minimizes Heat Buildup 
  • Protects Against Corrosion
  • Forms A Protective Film
  • Improves Equipment Lifespan
  • Increases Cleanliness
  • Keeps Parts Cool During Operation
  • Enhances Lubricity


Nelson Brothers Specialty Chemicals manufactures emulsifiers for metalworking fluids.  

Your Source Of Metalworking Fluid Emulsifiers

As a specialty chemicals manufacturer, we offer a variety of metalworking fluid emulsifiers. We can meet your requirements whether you want a standard product or a custom solution. 

Incorporating high-performance chemical additives like Polyisobutylene succinic anhydride (PIBSA) and other related chemistries into a metalworking process offers many benefits. 

Our emulsifiers excel at forming stable metalworking fluid emulsions to protect workpiece surfaces. PIBSAs commonly replace sulfonates and other fatty acid derivatives as a primary or secondary emulsifier.

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Giving You The Competitive Advantage 

Nelson Brothers understands that not everyone has the same requirements in a metalworking fluid. Which is why we offer custom chemicals manufacturing. Our R&D and process engineering teams will work alongside you to deliver a finished product tailored to your needs.  

Our custom metalworking emulsifiers are available as PIBSA blends diluted with various solvents, including paraffinic or naphthenic oil. They can be used as-is or neutralized with potassium hydroxide, alcohol, glycol, or an amine to achieve additional functionality. 


Let’s Team Up

Achieve your product goals with support from Nelson Brothers, a leading manufacturer of metalworking fluid emulsifiers. 

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