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Asphaltene Dispersants

Process Chemical Antifoulant Treatment


 Refiners continuously face operational and economic challenges processing crude oil. The need to treat and minimize fouling throughout a refinery’s processes is more essential than ever. An effective crude unit antifoulant program can reduce costs, improve performance, and increase efficiency. Today, many of the crude oils being processed give rise to new challenges, with high levels of asphaltenes, sulfur, metals, and salts. As the composition of crude oil changes, processing these “opportunity crudes” is more likely to foul equipment during the heat transfer process. 

Fouling can result in higher energy use, environmental concerns, and safety concerns at the refinery level. At Nelson Brothers Specialty Chemicals, we provide products that help organizations avoid these costly outcomes. Nelson Brothers manufacture polyisobutylene succinic anhydride, (PIBSA) based dispersants and detergents which control organic fouling in process equipment. 

Benefits of a Process Chemical Antifoulant Program 

The products offered by Nelson Brothers can be used in a wide variety of process antifoulant formulations. Process Chemical suppliers have shown the use of these raw materials in their products can provide the following benefits: 

  • • Better heat transfer, 
  • • Reduced corrosion, 
  • • Improved reliability and processing flexibility, 
  • • Reduced maintenance requirements, throughput limitations and equipment damage, 
  • • Significant reduction in safety and environmental concerns. 


To learn more about our antifoulant chemical treatment process, contact Nelson Brothers here. 

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